I Love Balloon Twisting

Ever since I was a kid…

I loved balloon twisting. I always loved doing things with my hands and being creative, and with balloon twisting, I can do both. Starting with just a handful of balloons and a tiny pump, I would spend hours trying to do the simplest designs. I would be so proud when I could finally make that balloon dog or cat. Simple techniques like the ear twist or apple twist would frustrate me.

How far I have come!

Looking  back at my photos of my balloon twisting from several years ago and I’m surprised at my progress. I have gotten leaps and bounds better, but I don’t want to stop my progression here. I want to keep getting better. My goal is for my balloon twisting to look like the pictures of my balloon friends on Facebook. I want to keep striving for the best balloon twister I can be.

I think that is what I like the best about balloon twisting. There is always something more;  always something to get better at.  A new technique to try or a new design to master. There is always getting better at line work twisting, sharpie art, speed, consistency, banter, presentation. The possibilities are just endless!

Being a wife and mother of three, I don’t get the time I sometimes want to work on these things, but I try. Right now I have two projects I’m working on. First, is a ABC balloon book for my kids. My oldest is turning 4 this year and so anything preschool has been on my mind. I thought about how cool it would be to show him this book and it was pictures of the letters he has been learning made out of balloons. Second, I am working on revamping my balloon menu. There are few designs on my menu that I have never been all that happy with. I’m on a mission to change that!

I’m going to post in the next days and weeks ahead of the things I have been working on.

Check back for more balloons!

Until then, here are some balloon twisting I’ve been doing the past few days.

Balloon Twisting - Alien
Balloon Alien
Balloon Twisting - Snow White
Balloon Snow White


Also, more balloon here: http://facebook.com/thetwistedturtleofcharlotte

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