My name is Jamie and I wear many hats. I am a balloon twister, face painter, glitter tattoo artist, wife, mom of three very active kids, and the owner of The Twisted Turtle. I have been a professional balloon twister for seven years, but my love of balloons came when I was eight. During a vacation to visit grandparents, I saw a balloon twister but didn't have the time to stop and get a balloon. Later that week I found a balloon kit at a bookstore. It came with a bag of balloons, a small hand-pump, and an instruction booklet filled with simple balloon twisting. I loved that kit and even I still have the book today. That's how I was introduced to balloons.  After making the simple balloons taught in the book, I craved for more. Since then I have moved on from simple balloons to bigger and better balloon art. It is my goal to constantly create balloons that people have never seen before. I love turning something as ordinary as a latex balloon in to something extraordinary!