Love of Balloons

This company was born out of a love for balloons, art, and the joy of making things. 

My name is Jamie Stepanek, the owner and artist of The Twisted Turtle of Charlotte. It sounds silly, but I really love balloons. They are a gateway to smiles, human connection, mind blowing creativity, and much more. I could easily spend my days creating with balloons, looking at pictures of others creations, or learning new designs. 

I love making balloons, but my real love is the interaction I can have with balloons. Balloons just make people happy. Period. It is such a joy to see that shy 3 year old grin from ear to ear when she gets that balloon butterfly. To get that hug from a grandma when she gets a Mickey Mouse for her grandson. To see that aloof teen brighten when I make their favorite video game character. Seeing those smiles and making those interactions makes my day!

And that’s it! I want to share this love with you! 


For more info, a quote, or to book, text 704-226-5584 or click here